Account Manager Role

In this document:
  • A 'Brand' is the term used for anyone or company that has (or would) register as a 'brand' on; with the intent of publicizing/advertising their contents.
  • An 'Account' simply refers to the 'account' of a brand on
While some brands (CATEGORY A:) may be able to be managing their accounts by themselves (thereby needing minimal interaction with their account manager); some other brands (CATEGORY B:) does not have such leisure, and will need the account manager to operate their account for them entirely.
Hence, each account manager is assigned to correspond or liaise with some brands on behalf of
Specifically, an account manager roles includes:

Finding and communicating with new/prospective brands.

i.e. You will:
- Use any means comfortable for you (e.g google search) to identify prospective brands that may benefit from using, and engage them. (You will be given access to some sample write-ups, to take cues from them for composing the messages/mails that you'll be sending)
- After communicating with the brand, instruct them on signing up at or (obtaining their consent and credentials to create new account for them, in case they fall under CATEGORY B).

Corresponding with prospective and existing brand accounts under you in order to:

- Understand their specific needs.
- Advise them on best options to choose where applicable.

Moderating Campaign Contents.

- i.e Prevent publicity of illegal contents such as Pornography, Drugs and Gambling

Location: Remote (You can work from anywhere)


Fixed Salary: $50.00
Variable Salary:
+5% Purchase Cost Of Every Package Purchased by accounts under you.
+5% Purchase Cost Of Every Package Purchased by accounts you referred (or created)

- Supposing there are at least 20 accounts under you.
Minimum Projected Salary: $300.00


A complete month without purchase of any package by brands under you will lead to termination of contract. On such termination: you will only be paid half the month's salary if it can be verified that you invited/pitched to at least 10 prospective brands; otherwise, no payment will be made at all.