How It Works

Sponsoring viral posts
If you have any business, products/services or any other contents and want them to become popularly accepted within a short time. Simply start a campaign and specify your budget at

Then, you can start receiving bids from influencers that will like you to publish your stuffs on their timelines thereby encouraging their followers to patronize you.
Getting paid to share stuffs
Meanwhile, in case you also have a blog or an interestingly active account on any of instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, pinterest. Please add your platforms at

Once your platform submission has been reviewed and approved, you will automatically start seeing the list of active campaigns that matches your platforms settings, at
Now submit your draft for each campaign that interests you; and wait to receive notification that the sponsor has given you the go-ahead to share that draft.
ShareViral will automatically credit you with the pre-agreed amount once this has been confirmed done.